will i age like my mother

Will I Age Like My Mother?

The following is from an Australian magazine, NipTuck: 

will_i_age_like_my_motherwill_i_age_like_my_motherwill_i_age_like_my_motherwill_i_age_like_my_motherHave you ever pondered the thought, “Will I age like my mother?”

According to celebrity Plastic Surgeon and Anti-Aging Physician, Dr. Vincent Giampapa (who was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in Medicine 2015 and is a Medical Advisor to Jeunesse Global), we may actually be able to escape our genetics to a certain extent.

Increasingly, research is indicating that genes are no longer the only determining factor in the aging process. In fact, 30% of aging is determined by our genes and 70% is up to us.  In other words, the majority of the aging process resides in our ability to control our lifestyle, environment and how we look after our bodies and our DNA.

Dr. Giampapa defines DNA as the blueprint in the millions of cells in our body that dictate our aging potential. As a result, the most important thing we have learned from both research and at a clinical level is number one – to help prevent damage to our DNA and number two is to help DNA repair itself.

“Typically, the most visible change associated with aging is seen in the face where the loss of elasticity of the skin results in wrinkles and creases.  Stem cells are a key element in the aging process. In our bodies there are 2 types of general groups of cells; our body cells and our stem cells.  It is our stem cells that keep our body healthy and create the new cells and determine how well we look and age” says Dr. Giampapa.  

dr vincent giampapa

Dr. Vincent Giampapa

Dr. Giampapa explains how stem-cell derived skincare with Growth Factors is able to help support the structure of skin cells and coaxes the skin back to a healthy, regenerative state. It transforms the skin by encouraging your body’s natural process to produce more protein-like collagen and elastin.  

Jeunesse Global’s new LUMINESCE range of human adipose stem-cell derived skin care containing Growth Factors highlights significant developments that are happening in anti-aging skin care. The range is based on the principles of Regenerative healthcare; which encourages the body’s own cells to reproduce and repair, maintaining a healthy and youthful status.

Dr. Giampapa believes that; “This is the first time that the principles of regenerative medicine in skincare, or the whole technology of having the body heal itself and be able to produce compounds that actually make itself better, has been available to the public market, rather than just the medical market… The Luminesce product line is, in my mind, the first real legitimate approach to regenerative medicine and skin restoration.”

“With the LUMINESCE range, we may actually be able to escape our genetics to a certain extent.  That is if we look after our DNA and our bodies through good nutrition, exercise, reducing stress and toxicity, and remaining as healthy as possible.”

(Source:  digioh.com

Michelle’s personal thoughts:

The information above was an article in the Australian NipTuck Magazine — which was a magazine obviously geared towards people to professional doctors for cosmetic advice.

Dr. Nathan Newman is the stem cell lift surgeon that is the developer of the LUMINESCE skincare line.  He originally developed it to find a way to help repair burned and damaged skin from injuries.

I know that for me personally, I have experienced massive results using the skin care system.  But as Dr. Giampapa noted, we need to look after our DNA and bodies through good nutrition, exercise, reducing stress and toxicity.

This is why I believe in the full Youth Enhancement System (YES).   Which not only focuses on REJUVENATING skin through this amazing skin care line, but also DIMINSHING wrinkles (with the amazing instantly ageless product), ENHANCING your health with proper supplementation, DEFENDING your health with powerful super-antioxidants, RESTORING your health with the patented TA-65 product that literally repairs damaged telomeres, and BALANCING your health which provides a holistic approach to weight management.

Dr William Amzallag – Jeunesse® Medical Advisory Board member, explains it perfectly.

(Source:  MarketBolt.com)

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