why should I wash my face in the morning

Why Should I Wash My Face in the Morning?

I have really struggled with this.  Since I work from home, I have a certain schedule — I wake up, do my normal morning routine (drink a big glass of water, feed the kitty, etc.) and then I workout within an hour.

Why should I wash the amazing skincare I applied to my face the night before, only to be sweating in an hour?  Besides… isn’t my face already clean? 

Acording to Renee Roleau, celebrity skincare expert, she explains that you DO need to wash your face in the morning! She explains that it’s certainly a valid thought but cleansing your skin in the morning is truly important.

The reason why it’s important to wash your skin in the morning is because while you sleep at night, your skin is in repair mode and will secrete toxins and sebum which can prevent your daytime products from working most effectively.

When you wash your skin in the morning, you’re not only removing those toxins and sebum and you’re also removing your nighttime products so that your daytime products (particularly SPF moisturizer) can get into the skin better, since it will have a clean slate.

Also, the nighttime products that are on your skin often times contain ingredients that are suitable for the night, not the day.  Okay… makes sense.

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While washing your face in the morning may seem like just another tedious task in your daily routine, know that it is a key step in ensuring healthy, beautiful skin.

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