Dr. Vincent Giampapa – Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize

If you are not 100% happy with your overall health in regards to aging…. then this is for you.

dr vincent giampapaDr Vincent Giampapa was recently nominated for a 2014 Nobel Prize in the area of Stem Cell Research.

If You Had To Guess, How Old Would You Say This Man Looks?

If you said mid-to late 40’s… you would be wrong! Would you believe he’s in his 60’s????

1. He is one of the pioneers the anti-aging movement 20+ years ago
2. He is one of the founding members and president of the american academy of anti-aging.
3. Has written 5+ books about Anti-Aging
4. Specializes in “Nutriceuticals” — which means focusing on the genetic level
5. He studies Telomeres, Stem Cells, and DNA research…

His biggest thing is there is no one single thing that can make a dramatic improvement in the anti-aging process.

His goal …
is to come up with an approach to improve your quality of life from the DNA upward…..

What’s REALLY cool…
is it entails combining the stem cell technology in our Luminesce skin care line… and the stem cell support (and much more) in our Reserve and AM/PM oral supplements.

I am THRILLED that he is one of our medical advisory board members here at Jeunesse.

Want to learn more?

Then Watch This Video … And Get Ready To Be Amazed!


What Dr. Vincent Giampapa explains is….


What really caught my attention
is when he explains that what we are doing is what most companies are not…. and this we focus on working at the ORIGIN on the effect of aging, not the EFFECTS of aging.

dr vincent giampapa age

He discusses the importance of telomeres and how shortening them is the number one indicator of aging.

1. The right combination of antioxidants
2. Limiting your homocysteine levels
3. Keep your cortisol levels down (blood sugar and stress)
4. Include a telomorase “activator” — (finit)

When combined with the Reserve Product and the stem cell repair and protection skincare line (Luminesce),we are the only company that is a TRUE FIRST in directing the LATEST RESEARCH towards these systems at the cellular level.

We are able to see a dramatic improvement not only in how we feel but how our skin as aging not only from the outside in, but the inside out.

What do we have that no one else does?
We have a series of products that work at the cellular level both internally and externally. When used together… results are dramatic!

Outside In (skin care) – Luminesce Skin Care -repairs DNA, includes growth factors that works with the DNA complex

Inside out (nutrigenetics)- The AM/PM & Reserve

This video is beyond amazing for me….. I am super excited that Dr. Vincent Giampapa is on Jeunesse Global’s medical advisory board… and is passionate about where our company is going.


Ever since I’ve started using the Luminesce Line, the AM/PM and Reserve… I’ve noticed a drastic improvement in my skin, my hair grows like a weed, I sleep like a baby and I wake up energized.

My Mom is recovering from a devastating illness — leaving her weak and in lots of pain… after 2 months of taking the AM/PM and Reserve, she rarely even takes Tylenol.

I feel 110% passionate about the products with this company.  And now that I have seen this video as well as others by Dr. Vincent Giampapa… my belief in this company is rock solid.


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