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What Part of Your Beauty Routine Do You Neglect The Most?

1334680495239Nightly cleansing? exfoliation? neck care? post-shower moisturizing? foundation? eyeliner? mascara? blush? spf? no judgement, promise.

I skip eye shadow regularly, but I don’t think that counts as neglect. “Neglect” implies it’s a step that should be a regular part of my regimen, not optional.

Sooo… décolleté TLC, I think.

Yes, occasionally I dispense “too much” serum onto my hands for just my face, so my neck and upper chest get the leftovers.

Same for moisturizer. But treating my décolleté to keep that skin nicely hydrated and minimizing further signs of aging — well, I’m not so good at that, although it wouldn’t take much to be more diligent.

And I know better —  Oops.

beauty routine

The décolleté is basically the neck area down to the cleavage area.  Have you noticed beautiful women with gorgeous skin but a wrinkly neck and chest?  That is a dead giveaway.

I personaly have one line on my neck that I am becoming more self-conscience about.

So I need to make a conscious effort that when I apply my uplifting face masque and apply my stem cell serum.  No more neglect for me!

How About You?  What essential-ish part of your beauty regimen do you tend to shrug off or skip when you shouldn’t? No judgment, promise.

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